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What We Do

Sustainable Products

We provide locally produced and sustainable products like eco-friendly soaps and sunscreen to enhance your beach-going experience.


Information services

Our services will provide information about the conditions and facilities at the beaches in Trinidad and Tobago as well as beach safety tips and beach resources.



We can bring our philosophy of sustainability to your business.


Become a Beach Ambassador

Spread the word and become part of our little My Beach, My Water Ltd. family.
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Sign up with us to spread our cause and products on social media and get a featured on our pages and website and you will receive a lifetime certificate for 5% off all our products and events in the future. Also, if you’re the first ten persons to sign up for our ambassador programme you get one of our My Beach, My Water reusable beach bags free! YAY!


Our Story

  • Hi, I’m Babita

    I founded ‘My Beach, My Water’ in June 2014 based on an experience I had earlier that month at a resort in Cancun where I had some minor difficulty in the water. I was able to sense danger early on and ask for help to get out of it. However, it scared me enough to remain with me and I wanted to share my experience and understand why it happened. I was on a business trip there and I really didn’t understand the dynamics of the beach front.

  • The Journey Begins

    This inspired my journey to learn from the experts- the life guards, scientists, researchers and to begin my own research. I realized that the difficulty I had in the water was due to rip currents and usually lifeguards place flags to alert users of them. Also, locals and other more experienced users of a particular beach can point you to the inherent dangers on the beaches as they know it much better than visitors and tourists. Therefore, I thought what if this information can be made easily available on an app as we carry our phones around everywhere including on the beach and so ‘My Beach, My Water’ was born. Okay, to be honest, I wanted it to be an app for Google glass as the startup weekend I pitched the idea at was to focus on Google Glass. I thought Google shades on the beach and I’d know automatically where the rip currents are at…but…so we stuck with the app.

  • Building My Beach, My Water

    Later in 2015 ‘My Beach, My Water’ was able to gather some funding via a special prize from NIHERST’s Prime Minister’s Awards for Scientific Ingenuity (Scientific Innovation and Invention Competition). This prize helped us to procure some data collection equipment and build out our app a bit further. However, we continue to find innovative ways to gather funding to continue our journey and have since developed a special line of products around safe, sustainable and enjoyable beach living that we hope you will enjoy using as much as we do!

  • Promoting Sustainability

    Apart from being safe on the beach we really want the beach experience to be sustainable and as the Caribbean is just a bunch of small islands mainly, we really want the entire island experience to be sustainable. So, everything that we do takes sustainability into consideration after all if we don’t, we may destroy our beautiful beaches altogether.

  • The beach is not just a place for rip currents, refreshing water and relaxing sand but also filled with creatures. Many of which are actually quite friendly and peaceful yet still we humans choose to ill-treat them. For example, Trinidad and Tobago, the island of my birth, is a key location for the nesting of the great leatherback turtles yet year after year there are still people who ill-treat them. However, there is also dangerous wildlife on the beach and in the oceans and we need to be aware of how to be safe around them without harming them unnecessarily. We at ‘My Beach, My Water’ want to live in peace and harmony with all living things and we have a very special place in our hearts for turtles in particular as I myself spend time with a pet I like to say ‘I rescued’ a red ear slider turtle (non-beach) called ‘Tuck’. So, we plan to give back to marine life and its conservation through selected groups and institutes we will highlight over time.

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