Helping you make your business planet-friendly and sustainable


We provide consultancy service to other startups, small businesses and corporates in coaching and mentoring them and providing the right tools and products so that they can do business sustainably:


When you’re now starting out, we know it’s not easy as we’re a startup ourselves however the planet can’t wait and your customers know it all too well. So, don’t alienate your target audience especially if they are below 45 or so. Incorporating an environmental message into your business and building your business around the three P’s – People, Planet and Profit will go a long way for making your startup take off.


Yes, we know you’re small but incorporating the three P’s- People, Planet and Profit into your business can work wonders for the P for Profit P. Set up an appointment with us now and we’ll show you how.


You’re an established giant in your sphere but there were no bigger giants than the great big dinosaurs that once roamed our planet earth. Don’t be the next dinosaur up for extinction call us now to schedule an appointment so we can show you how you can incorporate the three P’s- People, Planet and Profit into your establishment at both the strategic and employee level.