Our Story

Hi, I'm Babita and I founded 'My Beach, My Water' in June 2014 based on an experience I had earlier that month at a resort in Cancun where I had some minor difficulty in the water. I was able to sense danger early on and ask for help to get out of it. However it scared me enough to remain with me and I wanted to share my experience and understand why it happened. I was on a business trip there and I really didn't understand the dynamics of the beach front.

This inspired my journey to learn from the experts- the life guards, scientists, researchers and to begin my own research. In 2015 along with a project team I founded My Beach My Water" which later went on to win a special prize from NIHERST Prime Minister's awards. I continue to see the beaches and recreational waters of the world as magnificent sources of joy. We just need to learn to use them wisely and be reminded of the gift they are to humanity so in that respect we have to sustain them. We have to appreciate too that it was given as a gift, not only to us humans, but to all living creatures on planet earth. Some of those animals may be predatory or dangerous but, if we learn to coexist wisely with them, all can be well.

Additionally many of the animals are actually quite friendly and peaceful yet still we humans choose to ill treat them. For example, Trinidad and Tobago, the island of my birth, is a key location for the nesting of the great leather back turtles yet year after year they are ill treated by callous islanders and/or visitors. We at 'My Beach, My Water' want to live in peace and harmony with all living things and we have a very special spot in our hearts for turtles in particular as I myself own a pet red ear slider turtle (non-beach) called 'Tuck' pictured basking here:


Our Mission​ To work with expert users to share their knowledge of beaches and recreational water ways so that, no matter which beach or water way you are at, you will have their expert guidance in the palm of your hands so that whenever you visit you will have the knowledge to make your experience safe and enjoyable. We wish that every place you visit will be like if you grew up there and maybe you will make it.... 'My Beach, My Water' ​


We have assembed a team from various backgrounds to bring My Beach My Water to life. ​

Babita Dubay

Strategy and Business Development Lead

Anil Ramnanan

Software Developer

Nicholas Manbode

Product Development