My Beach My Water

Our Story

Babita Hi, I'm Babita and I founded 'My Beach, My Water' in June 2014 based on an experience I had earlier that month at a resort in Cancun where I had some minor difficulty in the water. I was able to sense danger early on and ask for help to get out of it. However it scared me enough to remain with me and I wanted to share my experience and understand why it happened. I was on a business trip there and I really didn't understand the dynamics of the beach front.

BabitaThis inspired my journey to learn from the experts- the life guards, scientists, researchers and to begin my own research. IIn 2015 with some help from my friends who formed a project team with me 'My Beach, My Water' was able to gather some funding via a special prize from NIHERST's Prime Minister's Awards for Scientific Ingenuity (Scientific Innovation and Invention Competition). This prize helped us to procure some data collection equipment and build out our app a bit further. However we continue to find innovative ways to gather funding to continue our journey.

BabitaAdditionally many of the animals are actually quite friendly and peaceful yet still we humans choose to ill treat them. For example, Trinidad and Tobago, the island of my birth, is a key location for the nesting of the great leather back turtles yet year after year they are ill treated by callous islanders and/or visitors. We at 'My Beach, My Water' want to live in peace and harmony with all living things and we have a very special place in our hearts for turtles in particular as I myself spend time with a pet I like to say 'I rescued' a red ear slider turtle (non-beach) called 'Tuck'.